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AISIN AZ6 6 Speed Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox J160

AISIN AZ6 6 Speed Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox J160

So we have been flooded with request's in regards to manufacturing a high quality performance gearset suit ; AISIN AZ6 6 Speed Nissan Silvia 200SX BRZ FRS GT86 Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox J160 MIATA MX5 we thought it's time to begin the process by engaging with the public on taking the first step about going ahead with such a project.

Our Gearst's have been proven in various platforms, and now it's time to help everyone out with the popular 6 speed Aisin Gearbox.

We are doing this pre-order as it's a really large project which requires huge funding to make viable for these prices, we have on offer for the first 50 orders a highly discounted price.

Full Payment is required - if you need more time to make payment, please email us to discuss options)
This kit would include FORKS & Gears, Shafts, Dog Rings, & Heavy Duty Mainshaft.

Basically everything needed to eliminate ANY issues commonly found in the factory gears/forks etc.

Ratio's below for the ultimate strength/performance :

Speedtek Auto Racing Helical Cut Gearset.

3- 1.52
4- 1.25
5- 1.00
6- 0.85

S15 SR20DET 6 Speed Ratio's (Same ratio's apply to the BRZ & FRS)
1-  3.62
2- 2.20
4- 1.21

Reverse - 3.43

Be mindful these are intended for Rapid Quick Shift's, very different to a Factory Aisin AZ6 Synchronized Transmission.

We currently have donor transmissions from the Nissan Silvia S15 and the Subaru BRZ, we can also produce these for Mazda, Toyota etc if someone can donate the transmission to us as the Mainshaft & Input Shaft's are different between models.

This kit would ensure your transmission can withstand well over 600BHP reliably.
Currently in development a RACE SPEC Lockout Shifter suit the S15 but NOT The BRZ/ FRS/GT86. If someone can donate the factory Shifter, we are happy to develop it for you!(STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES)
(Blocks first gear so you don't accidentally go in it instead of shifting into 3rd when Racing)

We estimate these kits to be complete by approximately mid 2024.
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