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Getrag V160 V161 6 Speed Heavy 26 Spline Input Shaft & Drive Gear

Getrag V160 V161 6 Speed Heavy 26 Spline Input Shaft & Drive Gear

The Getrag V160/V161 Gearbox found in the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R & Toyota Supra JZA80 is a great gearbox but when pushing over 700HP they tend to show some weak points.

First thing being the Teeth on the Input shaft Gear tend to crack/break due to “crowding” as this makes the teeth very thin and close to each other, the second weak point on the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is the small diameter 24tooth clutch disc spline, the Toyota runs a larger spline setup, which is better than the Nissan of course, but ultimately you would want to run a GM26 spline setup.

We are currently developing parts for the Getrag V160/V161 Gearbox, first thing is making these two parts pictured.

Improvements being made:
26 tooth GM clutch spline.
Thicker Teeth on the Input shaft
Thicker teeth on the counter shaft gear.

We include the synchronizer dog engagement ring so the whole input shaft is complete, you do not need to use any of your old parts.

This will improve the Getrag gearbox dramatically, allowing it to reliably hold close to 1,000hp in racing applications.

We are currently making them only in 26 Spline, the reason for this is we do not like the 24spline, because it is so weak for the application, we refuse to make them. We can only make performance upgraded parts.

The main difference between fitment for the GTR RB26 Getrag and the Supra 2JZ Getrag is the spigot/pilot bearing size. We will provide the right parts according to your order.

We plan on having these two parts finished up by Jan - Feb 2024. 
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