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Jeep AX5 AX15 Close Ratio Uprated 1000nM Transmission Gearset

Jeep AX5 AX15 Close Ratio Uprated 1000nM Transmission Gearset


Our transmission Gearset's are globally proven Motorsport parts, used in cars all around the world for various applications.

We have tested these in Highly stressed towing applications and also Motorsport Rally Dakar Events in Pro Built Race Chassis/Car's.

We have seen factory transmission Gearsets fail at 500-600nM.

Our kit's are able to withstand over 1000nM respectively, with large profile gear's we have managed to make each tooth substantially larger then the factory gearset.

We also include the upgraded 3rd-4th Gear hub, which is splined 360degree's interally as the factory unit tends to fail as they are partially splined.

Speedtek Auto Racing Transmission Gear's are made from high quality forged billet material's then machined to precise tolerances.

SPLINE TYPE: STANDARD. (No clutch change required, for an easy install - please send us a picture of the input shaft you currently have) 

Pictured is the 23 Spline Toyota unit but we can make this with any spline you require, a great upgrade is the GM26 spline over the factory AX5 & AX15 10 Spline Input. Please tell us your pilot bearing size as there is two sizes for the AX5 and AX15 Transmissions (14.98mm & 19.05mm) 

1st: 2.70
2nd: 1.60
3rd: 1.20
4th: 1.000 Input Shaft . Drive Gear
5th : 0.72 Long Ratio for Highway / Towing Application to reduce RPM/Fuel Consumption.

This kit is made to work with the AX5 & AX15 Transmission but please remember we provide gears only with the upgraded hub, the synchros and shift sleeves may be different between models so to be sure you make no mistakes with this order we do suggest going for the full package which includes the correct synchros,correct sleeves and hubs to match.

This is made to work with the latest synchros to improve shift performance and synchroniser ring life so we do not suggest trying to order the kit without synchros as you may not know which parts to source. 

We also offer assembly services on these Transmissions, please fill in the "Contact Us" Form for any inquiries related to this.

If you are uncertain which model of Transmission you have, sent us some detail's of your vehicle and or photo's of your Tranmission so we can identify it.

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