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Nissan 350Z 370Z Z33 Z34 6 Speed Race Spec Reverse Lockout Shifter VQ35 VQ37

Nissan 350Z 370Z Z33 Z34 6 Speed Race Spec Reverse Lockout Shifter VQ35 VQ37

So we have been flooded with request's in regards to development of a Z33 / Z34 6 SPEED Racespec Lockout Shifter.

(This would lockout Reverse) NOT 1st Gear like our RB25 & RB26 Shifter as the 6 Speed Z33 Z34 Gearbox normally require you to push the Shifter down to access reverse gear.

In this case, we are making our button inside the Shift knob give you access to Reverse Gear once pushed down.

This lead time is going to be 3 months, the pre-order price is AUD$799. 

We will have RAW units available at first for this batch, we can take orders on coloured Shifters also, but it will be an extra month to receive your coloured Shifter.

We can be certain you will love our Shifter, as we have already sold over 300+ units for the RB25/RB26 Transmission and they are a huge success.

30% reduced throw, with Reverse Gear Lockout, pivoting on a ball bearing rather then a bush like factory - this makes shifting gears very predictable and smooth.

They will be BOLT IN for Factory 350Z,370Z,G35 Skyline etc.

If you run a Z33 or Z34 Transmission on another car, we cannot guarantee fitment. (but should be able to guide you through this if you don't know how to adapt it to your car)

Place your ORDER asap to confirm your position!

(Please note, prototype Shifter has a different Gearknob, the final version has a smooth knob as pictured in the CAD drawing - just like our Skyline Shifter Knob)

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