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Nissan FS5W71C Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox Gearset Kit

Nissan FS5W71C Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox Gearset Kit

So we have been flooded with request's in regards to development of a Nissan Silvia 180SX 200SX 240SX CA18 SR20 KA24 RB20 FJ20 Close Ratio Dog Engagement Gearset Dogbox Gearset Kit - So here it is! 

Our Gearset's have been proven in various platforms, and now it's time to help everyone out with the Small Case Transmissions typically found in the SR20/ CA18/ KA24 / RB20 & RB25DE powered vehicles.

We are doing this pre-order as it's a really large project which requires huge funding to make viable for these prices, we have on offer for the first 50 orders.

Our plan is to produce 100 complete kit's and offer it for 30% OFF Retail Price for all those who PRE-ORDER. 

Full Payment is required - if you need more time to make payment, please email us to discuss options)

This kit would include FORKS & Gears, Shafts, Dog Rings & Hubs to suit.
You can retain factory 5th Gear & Reverse Gears.

However, if you option the 5th & Reverse Gear it must be fitted with the Heavy Duty Mainshaft to work together, the shaft has been increased in size and this allows a stronger gearset, capable of 600+BHP if you choose the upgraded Mainshaft & 5th Gear.

Ratio's below for the ultimate strength/performance :

Speedtek Auto Racing Straight Cut Gearset.

3- 1.24
4- 1.00
5- OPTIONAL 0.79 (Shorter then stock Ratio but ideal for Racing use)

S13 SR20DET & KA24 Ratio's. (180sx JDM /240SX - USDM)
1- 3.321
2- 1.902
3- 1.308
4- 1.000
5- 0.759

Be mindful these are intended for Rapid Quick Shift's, very different to a Factory FS5W71C Synchronized Transmission.

- Optional 5th Gear & Dog Engagement Reverse.
- Optional HD Main Shaft & 4140 Billet Chromoly slip Yoke to suit.

We should have these ready for delivery sometime Q1 2024.

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