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Nissan FS5W71C Close Ratio Gearset

Nissan FS5W71C Close Ratio Gearset

Nissan Silvia 180SX 200SX 240SX CA18 SR20 KA24 RB20 FJ20 Close Ratio Synchronised Gearset.

Capable of upto 400HP in most applications.

Our Gearset's have been proven in various platforms, and now it's time to help everyone out with the Small Case Transmissions typically found in the SR20/ CA18/ KA24 / RB20 & RB25DE powered vehicles.

Ratio's below for the ultimate strength/performance :

Speedtek Auto Racing Synchronised Helical Cut Gearset

3- 1.264
4- 1.00
5- OPTIONAL 0.677 (Much longer then stock Ratio but ideal for Road use to lower RPM on the Highway)

S13 SR20DET & KA24 Ratio's. (180sx JDM /240SX - USDM)
1- 3.321
2- 1.902
3- 1.308
4- 1.000
5- 0.759

Be mindful these are intended for vehicles that still want to be street driven and not exceed 400HP. These kits are much stronger then standard gears, we use only premium quality materials and our tooth profiles are much thicker then stock.

Limited stock is available, but we are constantly making them, if we do not have stock, lead time is around 6 weeks.

These utilize synchro rings which are single piece throughout, you may need to verify with your transmission builder which synchro rings/sleeves you have and then possibly change them to single piece, we have gone with this route as they are much easier to find then multipiece synchros and we have found they work well for street use.

1st & 2nd Gear Synchro Ring Size 67mm (approx)
3rd/4th Gear Synchro Ring size 60mm (approx)
5th Gear Synchro Ring Size 52mm (approx)

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