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Nissan R200 3.90 Ratio Billet Differential Final Drive Gear Set

Nissan R200 3.90 Ratio Billet Differential Final Drive Gear Set

The long-awaited Nissan R200 200mm 3.90 Ratio Differential Final Drive Gear Set suit most Nissan's which run the R200 IRS Differential.

Commonly found in the Nissan Skyline, Silvia , Cefiro , Laurel and so on.

The long ratio we designed is great for high powered vehicles running a 6 Speed Transmission, Dual Clutch Transmissions and or even a 2 Speed Powerglide Automatic.

This unit also has undergone a special hardening process to ensure the gears can last long under extreme conditions, we suggest this to be installed and shimmed by a competent differential builder. 

We have made the crown wheel bolt's suit 12x1.25mm pitch bolts, this is also compatible with 13mm Limited Slip Differential's, since the locating point is from the LSD and machine work on the Crown Wheel, do not be afraid of 12mm bolt's in the 13mm LSD, the bolts are only doing the clamping work, the accuracy of the LSD and Crown Wheel machine work is what determines the "runout" on the LSD/Gears.

  • - Billet 8620 Steel
  • - Quality Hypoid Bevel Gears
  • - 39 Tooth Crown wheel, 10 Tooth Pinion
  • - Wide Gear Teeth Design for maximum Torque/HP
  • - Compatible with GTR & GTST Diff's
  • - Brand New Gearset
  • - Easy to Install

Do you need a specific ratio for your Nissan?

Give us a message, we may have what you need/want!
SKU: R200CWP390
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