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Nissan R200 Differential 4140 Chromoly Billet Full Spool Centre

Nissan R200 Differential 4140 Chromoly Billet Full Spool Centre


Our Spool's are developed using 4140 Chromoly Billet Material's and machined to tight tolerances to ensure your wheel's are constantly locked.

Ideal for Drag or Drift application's where equal torque must be applied to both rear wheels , designed for optimum acceleration potential.

Standard and or Mechanical LSD's are prone to failure or cracking when being pushed hard in Motorsport Application's.

These units are less than 5KG in weight, saving weight has many benefits in performance, as less power is required to rotate a lighter mass, meaning faster times on the strip and less wear on your drivetrain.

We make these to suit ALL Nissan Skyline & Silvia R200 Differential Variants.
29 Spline, 30 Spline, 31 Spline.  (Please check which type you have)

After manufacturing the Spools, they are then sent off for a Nitriding treatment.

What is Nitriding? A heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface. These processes are most commonly used on low-carbon, low-alloy steels. They are also used on medium and high-carbon steels, titanium, aluminium and molybdenum.

Designed and machined by Speedtek Auto Racing.

SKU: R200Spool-1
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