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Nissan RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Close Ratio Uprated 800BHP Transmission Gearset

Nissan RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Close Ratio Uprated 800BHP Transmission Gearset

Our Nissan Skyline R32 , R33 & R34 Transmission Gearset's are globally proven Motorsport parts, used in cars all around the world for various applications.
Drift, Drag, Circuit & Street applications.

We have seen factory transmission Gearset's fail at 400BHP. 

Our kit's are able to withstand over 800BHP respectively, some of our customers are running 9 second Quarter Mile times with a 1.43 60FT in Drag Racing, which equates to High Horsepower/Grip.

Speedtek Auto Racing Transmission Gear's are made from high quality forged billet material's then machined to precise tolerances.

SPLINE TYPE: STANDARD NISSAN 24T. (No clutch change required, for an easy install)

1st: 2.695 VS 3.214 STD
2nd: 1.703 VS 1.925 STD
3rd: 1.236 VS 1.302 STD
4th: 1.000 Input Shaft . Drive Gear

Optional 5th Gear Ratios available are 0.70 (LONG) or 0.82 (SHORT) / (0.76 = OEM).

When ordering, please specify which version of the Gearbox you have, as there is a difference between R33, R34 etc.
(We are also able to provide these for the Z32 VG30DETT Transmission)

We suggest buying the complete overhaul kit (Bearings+Synchros) with this kit and our 1-2nd & 3-4th Gear Upgraded Shift Sleeves for the fastest & smoothest shifts possible.

Due to some variances we have found in the FRONT COVER Plate which ACTS like a STOPPER we suggest running NO Front Cover Gasket with this Gearset to reduce overtravel into 4th Gear. It MAY over extend and cause 4th to grind if a gasket it used.
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