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Nissan Silvia CA18DET CA18 High Mount Exhaust Manifold S13 S14 S15 180SX 200SX

Nissan Silvia CA18DET CA18 High Mount Exhaust Manifold S13 S14 S15 180SX 200SX


Our High Mount Steam Pipe Exhaust Manifold's are approximately 3mm in wall thickness to ensure strength and rigidity in the most extreme cases.

Designed to fit a large Range of Turbochargers. Internal & External Wastegate !

Fitment for all kinds of Turbochargers.

Fitment possible to all Silvia's.
Including S13 , S14 , S15 , 180SX , 200SX , 240SX etc which use the CA18DE(t) Engine!

  • - Professionally TIG Welded
  • - SCH40 Thick Wall Runners
  • - Mild Steel Flanges 12mm thick
  • - Any Turbo Mounting Flange Possible
  • - High Flow Design for Maximum Power
  • - 1 1/4" Runner as standard
  • - 1 1/2" Runner Option ( for stroker engines or big bore)
  • - Custom Wastegate Flange + Welding option
  • - Ceramic Coating Optional (Black or Silver $299)
  • - Twin Scroll Design suit Borg Warner EFR Pictured

"The EFR line of turbochargers is packed full of features.

BorgWarner’s new line of high-performance turbochargers is specific to the automotive aftermarket. Traditionally, aftermarket turbochargers are “pieced” from current product lines that serve the automakers. The primary reason is cost, as it’s extremely expensive to design, test and manufacture a turbocharger from a “clean sheet.”  So, companies usually leverage current inventory to make a new turbos specifically for the aftermarket, and then call it a day. The new EFR product line has no ties to the OEM market. In fact, BorgWarner could maximize this technology and feed it into production vehicles. When engineers developed EFR, they listed features they thought would be cool, might be possible, and all the performance elements customers wanted in a turbocharger. When all was said and done, they achieved about 90% of the list."

Any additional option's will be handled outside of this purchase via a custom invoice which will be sent to you, please notify us with any additional options on checkout in the comments section and we will reach out to you with the appropriate invoice.

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