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Nissan Skyline RB & VG Close Ratio Dogbox Kit

Nissan Skyline RB & VG Close Ratio Dogbox Kit

Our 1,000BHP Nissan Skyline Dogbox Gearset officially available and in STOCK!

After several years of testing our prototype, it's safe to say we are extremely happy with the design and also how easy it is to service the transmission when required.
Each gear is individually pressed onto the counter shaft and main shaft which means everything can be replaced separately if needed in the future very easily.

$4999+GST for the complete kit as pictured. 

This is still within the reasonable price range for a high horsepower capable, easy to service Skyline Dog Engagement Gearbox.

Why do you want our Dog Engagement Gearset?

Besides lightning-fast shifting, and being able to shift at over 9,000rpm anytime if needed, the answer is very simple, each part, including the input shaft and gear's on the counter shaft are 100% removable, meaning you can service this gearbox on the fly, part by part.

Our Dog Box kit is 100% Drop in and requires no further parts, we provide the gears, shafts and also dog rings and hubs to match, we also have 6 Dog's Per Gear meaning an even faster shift then most current 5 dog setup's found in Skyline Dogbox Kits available today.

We typically suggest ANYONE who has intentions of using the Transmission for High Power / Hard Launches to go with the 26 Spline Input Shaft, especially if the car is heavy and has a larger capacity motor (stroked, or 3L+). The Factory 24Spline Input shaft is not suggested for application's over 600hp unless used in roll racing or "street" use, then you can avoid going the Larger Input Shaft in some conditions.

Our 26 Spline Input shaft would be best for those seeking maximum strength and push the limits of our Transmission well beyond 1000HP.

Ratios for the dog set are ; 

4th - 1:1 ms24/cs24 tooth
3rd : 1.263 ms24/cs19
2nd : 1.625 ms 26/cs16
1st : 2.230 ms 29/cs13

MS = Main Shaft Gear Count
CS = Counter Shaft Gear Count

**Using this Gearset will result into your FACTORY 0.76 Ratio 5th Gear becoming a 0.55 Ratio because of the fact we run a true 1:1 Drive Gear (4th Gear) - We suggest using 5th only for the Highway if you run this kit, we are currently working on a new optional Dog Engagement 5th gear with 0.85 ratio (1-5 Short + Reverse) for circuit use and and 0.70 1-5 Long + Reverse ratio for highway use to go with this kit, with Dog Engagement Reverse- stay tuned, it will be by end of the year.

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