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Nissan Skyline RB20/25 GTSR Insipred Low Mount Exhaust Manifold

Nissan Skyline RB20/25 GTSR Insipred Low Mount Exhaust Manifold


Our Custom Design R31 GTSR Inspired Exhaust Manifold's are constructed using a sand-filled and hot rolled method, making each exhaust runner from a single tube all the way to the turbo flange.
Filling each tube with sand and then capping off each end of the pipe, heating up the tube and bending it to desired shape carefully, this allows the tube to stay as round as possible without shrinking from it's original shape. This unique way of construction is extremely rare and requires many years of experience to perfect.

  • Billet Stainless CNC Machined Flanges, 16mm thickness to maximize rigidity.
  • Suitable for the Nissan RB20 / RB25 Engine.
  • Made to fit All Skylines R31 R32 R33 R34 with a T3 Turbocharger.

The Manifold mount's the Turbocharger in a low position, which would require you to have a custom exhaust and intercooler piping made.

We can make them to suit ANY RB Engine & Turbo Combination (Internal OR External Wastegate ).

(This product may result into a longer lead time of 1-3 months , please fill in the "Contact Us Form" for a special request, be notified strictly no refunds if any delays occur on this product. We allow upto 9 months in the worst case scenario, refunds will see a 15% surcharge regardless of the time frame these take to manufacture provided it’s not more then the 9 months, there would be no surcharge) 
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