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Nissan Skyline RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Billet Reinforced Transmission Centre Plate

Nissan Skyline RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Billet Reinforced Transmission Centre Plate

These Billet Reinforced Transmission Centre plates are a must have item for any Transmission build, regardless of the application and or transmission gears used.

The reinforced transmission plate we make is constructed from premium 6061 material locally sourced from our Australian steel supplier and then carefully  machined inhouse right here in Melbourne to ensure strict tolerances are achieved as this is critical when building your transmission to withstand maximum horsepower/torque.

The Factory Diecast Centerplate has a lot of deflection due to the low-cost mass produced mindset the OEM has.

When power is applied to your transmission, the two shafts running through your transmission plate bend under extreme conditions due to the centerplate flexing/deflecting - causing the transmission gear's to bind and break/crack.

Our 6061 Billet Transmission plates are superior compared to any other plate on the market today, we have accommodated the factory oil flap/trap system to still be fitted to make sure the maximum amount of oil stays in the front section of the gearbox  during hard launches.

They eliminate shaft flex & deflection and also we have improved the breather channel to allow the transmission to breathe more efficiently and not cause a pressure build up in the transmission lubrication system. 

Anodizing is done with a thickness of 25 microns for ultimate wear resistance and protection. (.025 mm) (This is the highest thickness/toughness possible with anodizing!)

Designed and machined by Speedtek Auto Racing. 
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