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Quarter Windows

Quarter Windows


Did you break the quarter window tandeming at the track? Maybe you wanted to install a cage and busted em, that is ok we have been there too. Cloud Culture Fabrication has you covered with 3 material options accross multiple chassis platforms. Order them blank for you guys running stock fuel tanks or order them with provisons for a remote fuel fill! Let us know if you need other provisions and we will be happy to accomodate.

  • Chassis and Option

    Covering S and Z chassis options with S13 Coupe, S14 windows as well as 370z and 350z

  • Material

    Windows are offered in Lexan (Polycarbonate), Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

  • Provisions

    order them blank or set up for a remote fuel fill. If there is something specific you want to mount on your quarter window let us know!

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