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RB Power Steering Pump Conversion

RB Power Steering Pump Conversion

$360.85 Regular Price
$309.30Sale Price

So your 20+ year old JDM powersteering pump shit out. Don't worry, been there done that. This conversion system allows you to use a readily available GTO powersteering pump with your stock bracket. Simply use your factory bolts and the supplied hardware to fit up the pump to your stock bracket, bolt on the tensioner and bracket, slap on the specified belt and you're off. This system allows for the use of factory location and tensioner system so you dont need to add a wonky 3rd tensioner and you have the peace of mind that you're running a factory supported pump that can be found for a fraction of the price of those 20+ year old sea salt filled units. 

This product is currently undergoing track testing and failure testing. Pre-order customers will receive full support for further development of the product during their use. Please allow 2 weeks from preorder for product shipment.
  • Kit Includes:

    CNC Billet Aluminum Pulley with specified groove and offset

    CNC Laser cut steel pump adapter bracket

    CNC Laser cut steel tensioner bracket

    Double solid heim adjustment tensioner assembly

    M8x1.25 70mm bolts x2 (pump to bracket)

    M8x1.25 20mm x4 bolts (tensioner and tensioner bracket mounting)

  • Applicable Parts

    2005/06 GTO Power steering pump recommended for use, will work with GM type 2 pumps having a shaft diameter of 0.66"

    Belts to use- 895-906mm ( 3 or 4 rib belt for your application. Gates PN 4PK350

    DO NOT PRESS Pulley onto pump. Use GM tool W87022 for install and removal only

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