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RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Billet Transmission Front Cover

RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Billet Transmission Front Cover


RB25 - RB26 & VG30 Billet Transmission Front Cover suit Tilton 8000-Series Hydraulic Release Bearing

Benefits of the Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing are second to none, especially on the Nissan Transmission.

We designed these for people who plan on using the GM26 Spline Input Shaft due to the factory front cover snout being too small for the shaft to fit through and would require it to be machined to 29.00mm which would make the wall on the snout very thin and prone to cracking/failing. Also a great upgrade if you use the factory size input shaft, This ultimately gets rid of the fork & pivot ball the factory Nissan Transmission's run.

We have attached a photo for you to see the difference between the Standard Front Cover BEFORE & AFTER Machining. 

We also suggest the Tilton throw out bearing for various other reasons like improved pedal feel, less moving parts, self adjusting capabilities thus increasing the life of your clutch and a reliable/consistent pedal feel regardless of how much use the clutch has.

  • Billet 6061 Construction
  • CAD Designed
  • Reduces load on input shaft due to increased strength/bracing compared to OEM.
  • Bolt-On to Standard Gearboxes
  • 1/4” UNF threaded holes for a secure mounted HRB
  • Includes 2x 5mm Shims for easy install/adjustment
  • Suit Tilton's 8000 Series Release Bearing    
  • Hard anodised 

    *These Release Bearings are readily available from many parts stores, we suggest Summit Racing*

    More information available here : 

8000-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings (2-bolt Mount) Archives - Tilton Engineering (

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